Horror Pin Up Artist: Carlos Valenzuela

Free-lance illustrator and comic book cover artist Carlos Valenzuela meshes pinup and horror in his new art book “Glamourama-The Pin Up Art of Carlos Valenzuela.” Valenzuela’s new artbook is an over-sized 9″x12″ format with 48 pages, encompassing both the beautiful and the terrifying. I especially love his depictions of Marilyn Monroe in sci-fi/horror film settings, which would have been interesting roles for her if movie studios like MGM had expanded her persona beyond silly blonde sex kitten. His lovely pin up/psychobilly inspired artwork caught my eye, and below I have compiled a few of my favourites.

A Tasty Offering


At the Movies


Beware the Fog


The Huntress Return


The Swamp Monster


For more of Valenzuela’s work, some links are provided below:





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